2016 Ford GT Le Mans Race Car Revealed


Ford has announced that it will be returning the the Le Mans race track in 2016, fifty years after the 1966 race when Ford secured a 1-2-3 finish with its GT40 Race Car

And this is the car they’ll be taking to the track.

“When the GT40 competed at Le Mans in the 1960s, Henry Ford II sought to prove Ford could beat endurance racing’s most legendary manufacturers,” said Bill Ford, executive chairman at Ford. “We are still extremely proud of having won this iconic race four times in a row, and that same spirit that drove the innovation behind the first Ford GT still drives us today.”

Ford says the GT race car will sport a number of features that will make it competitive in its Le Mans class including state-of-the-art aerodynamics that deliver tons of downforce to improve stability and reduce drag. The car also uses advanced lightweight materials and features carbon fibre for a rigid but light chassis. And of course, mounted mid-ship, the car will sport an EcoBoost, turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine. The production vehicle is expected to have over 600 hp.

“As we developed the Ford GT, from the outset, we wanted to ensure we had a car that has what it takes to return Ford to the world of GT racing,” said Raj Nair, Ford Motor Company group vice president, Global Product Development and chief technical officer. “We believe the Ford GT’s advances in aerodynamics, light-weighting and EcoBoost power will make for a compelling race car that can once again compete on a global stage.”

  • augie

    gulf livery, pleeeeaaaaasse

  • jay mark

    While not a Ford fan, I’ve owned several Fords and Ford trucks over the years, no problem with them, just prefer Chevys, I am thrilled that Ford is returning with a car similar to the GT-40. Like augie (below), it would be beyond cool to see the Gulf livery. Ford has a long and storied history in racing at all levels and at all forms.
    Chevrolet with their Corvette model has really held us proud at Le Mans and other road racing venues. Be good to see Ford right in there stirring the foreign pot.
    Let me tell you, NO manufacturer builds any better vehicles than our own American companies (Ford and GM). Owned about 150 vehicles over the years, both in business and private use, and have had virtually NO problems with any Chevy, Ford, Chrysler (when they were American) vehicles. I buy American manufacture’s vehicles for my brothers and sisters who need jobs here, not in Japan, Communist China, Korea, Germany or Italy.

  • zoomzoomjeff

    Pure badness!

  • JamesT

    Why can Ford produce a good looking Le Mans car? The German and Japanese competitors look like trucks in comparison.

  • Steve E Knight

    I don’t care how many horsepower the GT V6 has, it should be a V8. I know, Ford is using this effort to promote the ecoboost powered cars they produce, but all I can say is you better WIN Le Mans. Not just “compete”. Or that ecoboost description will rapidly lose customer acceptance. Speaking of entering and winning Le Mans speaks of tradition and history. Get it done with a V8.

  • Steve E Knight

    So you missed the bankruptcy of GM and the 20+ million recalls?

  • mudslide

    There’s no such thing as a ‘GT V6’ – all GT’s come default with a V8….

  • jay mark

    @steve: Why don’t you KMA, steve. Dozens of American companies have filed bankruptcy, moron. GM has repaid the ‘bailout’ and the US Treasury sold all its GM stock holdings at a profit, so tell me, moron, who besides you is the loser?
    My comment concerns the fact that I welcome Ford’s entry. That said, Chevrolet has been taking names in the motor sports field for years, kicking a ton of other manufacturer’s butts, moron.
    As to recalls, Toyota has recalled over 3 million vehicles this year alone; Honda currently has a recall out for over 900,000; Ford has issued its second recall concerning another 2+million… what’s your point, moron?
    I have owned Fords and Chevrolets (among other Ford and GM products) and have been totally satisfied with all of the over 150 vehicles I have purchased since being licensed in 1953. I have owned cars that have run in NASCAR, ARCA, ASA, NHRA as well as twice in the old USAC stock Car circuit.
    Contrary to you, moron, I bleed Red, White and Blue, even tho’ I have tried a couple foreign manufacturers. I concern myself with American jobs in American companies for American workers and give not one shit for who or who is not employed in Japan, communist China, Korea, Germany or Italy.
    My sincere hope is that you emigrate to the country you think is so vastly superior to the USA, okay. Do it soon and make even your mother happy.

  • ZonePartsMan

    I thought I saw another company or 2 just bring out these designs where the rear tires sit outside the rest of the chassy? Aslo is the 3.5L area now the target for most to settle around for design/production?

  • Jeff H.

    Fist of all, you have a real anger issue. The fact remains GM went bankrupt just like many other car manufacturers and has had recalls like every other manufacturer. Perhaps since you would have to be nearly eighty years old to be licensed in 53, you’ve lost the ability in your advanced age to debate a point without resorting to personality slanders and totally missing the fact that almost all americans came from other countries. So, you had good luck with American made vehicles, you seems to have averaged purchasing nearly two a year. A better story would have been about how the few you owned just kept running. There are no cars manufactured in any one country. The components are acquired on a world market because labor is so expensive in the United States that the US manufacturers wouldn’t be able to sell a single car if they had to manufacture all the parts in the US because the cost would be so high. You would have to go back over 50 years for the concept of buying American to protect jobs in the US would make any sense at all. There are only two ways to protect and expand US jobs. One is to manufacture components on a competitive basis in the US and export them to whoever will buy them. The other is to patent the intellectual property of US designers and patent them worldwide. The Chinese are not so respective of international patents and that is perhaps the one point that you could bigot on about and be accurate.

  • jay mark

    Moronic reply and off the point, moron. Somehow or another, people like you cannot think outside your box.I have seen all the changes wrought on the American businesses by those so-called well intentioned liberals seeking to ‘even’ the world’s playing field by their introducing and passing restrictive legislation aimed against American business.
    Let me type slowly so you can grasp: I am pleased that Ford is returning to racing. I have never once owned any American vehicle that failed to give me great service. I have purchased dozens of vehicle for use in my businesses and personal life. Not once have I ever owned what could be mildly described as a lemon. The closest would have been my 1973 Dodge pickup used for city delivery, but it still went over 100,000 miles prior to trading it for a Chevy pickup for use in the same way.
    If you would like to match wits, let me assure you, you will lose. Not that I am so brilliant, but that I have experience you may never get.
    Currently, I write for two professors of economics, mentor and advise another professor and his students, both here (FL) an Africa, spend much of my time, effort, energy and some money assisting students with education, reach out and help support an orphanage and a host of other activities. At 76, I do not yet have the world by the tail on a downhill tug, but I enjoy my life, both past and present.
    What are you doing?
    BTW, yes, I do have a history of owning race cars in NASCAR, ARCA, the now defunct ASA, as well as having participated in NHRA, ‘way back in the day with an event winning B/Gasser. Go, do likewise with your life.

  • Jeff H.

    You might want to up your BP medicine. Have you ever won a debate by claiming to be more intelligent than your opponent? Some people, such as yourself have no real life forum to express themselves so they resort to taking their bigoted isolationist theories into the social medias. Resorting to labeling like “moron” and “liberal” and claiming authority in a forum where no one can possibly verify your credentials are really tactics of limited mental capacity. So what that you claim to have a perfect experience with GM vehicles. A lot of people do. Statistically one person’s experience is insignificant and if you were an expert consulting educators as you claim, you would never claim otherwise. You are really just kind of a joke in this century. Rant on all you want, it will not change a world economy back to a US where you can only buy American made products. Every item you have of any sophistication contains Asian components. Just think of that as you type on your Asian component PC while you’re watching your Asian component television before you jump in your car crammed with Asian and central american components. You might actually just for kicks take a look at the posts you make. If you are honest to yourself, you are going to have a problem finding a sentence that doesn’t contain lies and/or falsehoods. Then, where’s your integrity that you no doubt claim to be flawless?

  • jay mark

    Some how you must be the only person who knows that ‘Asian’ info. Still cannot wrap your pea brain around my original post?
    Chest shaver….

  • Jeff H.

    Pea brain. Haven’t heard that since kindergarten. I’m hardly the only person to understand a global economy. Most of the types of micro chips that are used in computers and cars are not manufactured in the United States at all. There are no cell phones manufactured in the United States. Oh, you’re probably still a land line user but the network you are going through is composed of foreign components. There is nothing intelligent, or honest for that matter, in your post to wrap a brain around, pea or otherwise. I don’t know what “chest shaver” means but I imagine it is some type of demeaning comment based upon something that has nothing to do with the subject.

  • Blazer0981

    Ignorance at its finest. Audi won LeMans with a hybrid, diesel V6.

    Its a bad ass car and if you cant see that because you discriminate against non-V8’s, then thats plain ignorance and stupudity.