2016 Honda Accord Details Revealed

2016 Honda Accord Details Revealed

The ever-popular Honda Accord midsize sedan (and coupe) is getting a refresh for 2016 and here are some of the details.

Entry-level LX models are expected to gain standard LED tail-lights. Sport-trim versions will feature a 60/40 split rear seat, 19-inch wheels and LED daytime running lights.

Stepping up from these basic trim levels, the mainline EX version of the Accord ought to gain things like an HD-radio tuner, remote start and LED fog-lights, among many other items. Coupe variants of the EX-L model should benefit memory seats and, as an option, the company’s Display Audio system with navigation.

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Finally, the range-topping Touring flavor is expected to be jazzed up with niceties like heated rear seats, parking sensors, automatic high beams and 19-inch wheels. Honda Sensing, the company’s suite of advanced driver-assistance systems, will be available across the lineup in the updated 2016 Accord. This option includes things like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning and more.

Nothing’s official about the upcoming 2016 Honda Accord, though rumor has it the car will arrive at dealerships this fall. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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  • SarahMDixon


  • danwat1234

    What about direct injection for the V6 models and auto start/stop across all trims?
    Funny you don’t get a 60/40 rear seat as the base model…seriously, adds utility and costs not much more for manufacturing.

  • klutch14u

    How about the sport w/manual trans in something other than black or grey? You can even get the LX manual across multiple colors….

  • Mario Lanza

    As a former owner of three accords over the years, won’t be returning until Honda shows it is serious about returning to high quality. That means at least a year after upgrades and new versions. Sorry, Honda.

  • Matt M.

    You echo my exact feeling Mario.

    Honda has done it’s best to ruin their entire line of cars from the Acura to the entry level Civic.
    Once bitten twice shy.

  • Ed Sloan

    quit buying base models and splurge….a exl v6 6man coupe is a blast to drive and it has a very nice interior to boot

  • Grady Philpott

    I have the EX 6MT I4 and it’s a blast to drive, too. Plenty of pep and corners well, especially if you like to slide around corners. It’s not so much the car you have as much as it is how you drive the car you have.

  • Grady Philpott

    You don’t know what you’re missing. I’ve had the 6th, 7th, and the 9th generation Accords and this is the best yet. The carpeting is too chintzy, but in every other respect, the car is solid and fun to drive. I love my ’13 6MT I4.

  • Grady Philpott

    “Nothing’s official about the upcoming 2016 Honda Accord, though rumor
    has it the car will arrive at dealerships this fall.”

    Now, who would have thought that the ’16 models would arrive in the Fall of ’15?

  • Mario Lanza

    Yeah, I do. Like I said, I’ve owned three of them. And have driven a couple lately. Also looked up the problems lists and costs. Enjoy yours, I love my Avalon, can’t beat it with a stick.

  • OSx

    What about the Hybrid EX-L and Touring Hybrid models?

  • WhyIsThat1234

    Kia’s are terrible, they fall apart!!

  • Obnoxious Clown Troll ™

    egad 19’s on the sport ? I have the ’14 with 18’s and I love it. but a lot of people already whine about the firm ride. just imagine the 19’s ha ha

  • Randy Jackson

    That is just a trade off they have to get use to … I also see that same wheel on a few EX 4 cyl . and on some V6 .. Beautiful wheel and very popular …. When you look at new Accord Sport on the lot , the car looks like it would cost 2-3 grand more than it does . That car will still look good in 15-20 years …

  • Jamo11

    How about the “Sport” in the two door coupe? What’s sporty about four doors?

  • Nicholas

    For some reason, Honda has almost always put a single folding rear seat in the Accords……… Nice to see that they are finally adding this nice equipment!

  • danwat1234

    That sucks. Thought they always had split folding seats. My ’99 Civic does

  • Ed Sloan

    the coupe is already sporty…what you said makes absolutely no sense…

  • Ed Sloan

    The sport rims are the wheels most often stolen…not worth the looks IMO.