2016 Honda Civic Interior Revealed in Spy Photos


We have already seen the upcoming 2016 Honda Civic testing multiple times, but for the first time we now have images of the interior. 

While half of the dash is covered by a multi-colored blanket, we get a good glimpse of the 2016 Honda Civic interior, revealing the heavy revisions that have come to the center stack, infotainment unit and gauge cluster.

The multi-tier gauge cluster and infotainment screen is gone, replaced by a more conventional look that has all of the gauges housed under one cover. Physical buttons and knobs have been brought back to the center stack as well, replacing the touch-sensitive buttons that are in the current 2014 Civic.

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A large storage bin is seen just behind the gear shift while the armrest also appears to be capable of storing items.

The 2016 Civic will be available as a sedan, hatchback and coupe. It will get its power from either a small naturally aspirated four-cylinder or a new turbocharged four banger. Honda has also confirmed that the Civic Type R will be sold in the U.S., they it may not be until 2017 or 2018.

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  • Andy

    What the heck? The split multi gauge cluster was intuitive and a welcoming driver aid, don’t know why they would stray from that for vanilla look like everyone else. Good that they have physical buttons coming back, but with the turn-key it seems like this is a lower trim model.

  • Shiratori1

    This is most likely the LX, given the plastic slugs that are next to the shifter.

  • Humza

    Do any of you think this is something Honda leaked intentionally to drive interest? Whoever did this got very good shots of the vehicle, inside and out. Hiding components by putting a blanket over them isnt something Honda would do unless theyre not serious about keeping everything under wraps.

  • TheAutomotiveMan

    Volume knob!!!

  • eye.surgeon

    This mule is using a key when even the current model has a push-to-start. That’s odd. And surely we’re looking at the base model head unit; the screen is far too small to display navigation information.

  • ballerMD

    Definitely an LX… Conventional ignition, steel wheels, no sunroof, and the standard audio interface found on Fit LX…

  • smartacus

    Bland because Honda Corp shares same philosophy with the Soviet Fashion Show as depicted in the Wendy’s Commercial.

  • kachal

    I believe Honda released the photos intentionally as they have always done. But the reason is get feedbacks so they can fix screw jobs before production starts.

  • kachal

    Though Honda did a good job of designing the exterior, the interior looks very dull and unimpressive. I hope the screen will be bigger in production and controls are slanted towards the driver.

  • bobEveryman

    But would a multi-tier gauge cluster be something that would change between LX / EX? That seems like a pretty big change to the dash layout.

  • Peter Hillman

    You won’t see a multi-tier dash again, or on any upper trim level. These photos are of the LX model because of the basic stereo and keyed ignition. I am sure the EX, EX-L, Si will have the awful DisplayAudio mess of a stereo with no buttons and a lousy touchscreen. I got rid of my 2013 Civic because it was a lemon, and will never buy another Honda again after their lousy service.

  • Keith Schwerin

    That guy looks HUGE inside that car and the wheel looks so tiny.

  • Skinny

    I notice two things that I would change-
    First, traditional key. I really want a FOB like I have in our ’16 MDX. No touch, just leave it in your pocket and go.
    Second, dual zone climate control. This is a must in the #TypeR.