5 Cars That Prove the New MINI Clubman Isn’t MINI at All


The redesigned 2016 MINI Clubman has officially debuted, but it’s not quite as MINI as you might think.

Measuring 168.3 inches in length, the MINI Clubman is actually longer than a lot of cars offered today, but there are some that might surprise you. It’s a sign of change for the MINI brand — since its inception, the automaker has been known for building subcompact, fun-to-drive cars. In a sign of how things are changing and a testament to how much people love crossovers, the new MINI Clubman offers plenty more space for cargo and passengers, but it’s not quite mini. Here are five surprising cars that this not-so-mini MINI is bigger than.

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Nissan Juke – 162.4 inches

The MINI Clubman is nearly half-a-foot longer than the Nissan Juke, the funky crossover that appears much bigger than it actually is. Believe it or not, the 2016 MINI Clubman is also wider than the Nissan Juke, which measures 69.5 inches compared to the Clubman’s 70.9 inches.


Jeep Wrangler – 164.3 inches

One would think with Jeep’s off-road reputation that there’s no way a MINI could be larger than any model from the American automaker’s lineup. But that’s the case with not just one, but two Jeep models being shorter than the new Clubman. Although the Wrangler is shorter, it is wider at 73.7 inches.


Jeep Renegade – 166.6 inches

The other Jeep model that the 2016 MINI Clubman is longer than is the Jeep Renegade. The Clubman is almost two inches longer than the compact Jeep model, but is comparable to its 71-inch width.


Chevrolet Trax – 167.2 inches

Another crossover that is smaller than the 2016 MINI Clubman is the Chevrolet Trax, which measures 167.2 inches long. The Clubman is also an inch wider than the Trax’s 69.9-inch width.


Scion xB – 168.1 inches

Last but not least, the Scion xB is just a bit shorter than the MINI Clubman and is also narrower at 69.3-inches wide. If one thing has been made more clear with the debut of the 2016 MINI Clubman, it’s that MINI’s models are deceptively small and might not actually be as mini as the British automaker wants you to believe.

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  • maybe not mini but certainly prettier than those 5 subject vehicles

  • smartacus

    The MINI 4-door-hardtop is certainly not mini anymore, but the Clubfootman is 11″ longer and 3″ wider.

  • hp79

    I tried the F55S and thought it was great. But I don’t really know the older models from MINI. I own a F56. I got the F55S as a loaner for couple days and before that I also tried the 2015 Countryman S which I’m guessing is closer to the old MINI, at least mechanically. The Countryman S had a lousy interior, loud engine noise and sluggish performance. The F55S felt just like the F56 that I have, actually closer to the F56S that I also tried. The length is just a bit longer than the F56 series so the back seat passengers can put their knees without touching the front seats.

    I think the engine is the real advancement about these newer MINIs. Size is still small enough, easier to attract more people.

  • smartacus

    i actually kind of like the Coupe with that low roof

  • Sarah H

    I actually love the way the new Renegade looks.

  • it certainly looks better than the other 4 …. the scion xb being the most fuggerly

  • rick45x8

    Wow, big surprise; yet another larger “mini”. Maybe a new six-door MINI, or a MINI with a built-in trailer? Pop-top MINI, for those who want to stand while they drive?

  • Gary Moeller

    I own a 2009 Clubman S and love it. I do wish that it was a bit wider since my wife and I bash elbows on occasion. We are big people. I love the response of the engine with the stick, but having driven a Mini with the auto, I don’t think I would buy one. I bought mine used and when it was time to put new tires on the 17″ wheels, I sprang for Ultra Performance All Season Bridgestones. The car felt like a different car! It drove like it was on rails, regardless of the weather. Overall, my wife and I both thoroughly enjoy driving the car. In addition, you would be surprised what we can stuff in the back with the seats down.

  • freddyh

    Mini is not British – it is owned by BMW and the Clubman is manufactured in Austria!

  • dannbunn

    As you said, you are BIG people, well,hear this, take a hint from the name of this used to be great little car. M I N I. Does that give you a hint, as to what this is supposed to be. I guess the Germans are intent on on screwing this little car up, as they have done everything else.

  • dannbunn

    YES and that SUCKS

  • dannbunn

    Or maybe a MINI bus, Or better still, a MINI eight axle moving van. All great ideas to destroy something that used to be FUN to drive.

  • dannbunn


  • dannbunn

    Most real MINI people did also.

  • dannbunn


  • smartacus

    hey Dann, what do you think of the Countryman? I personally believe it is hideous and not a true representation of what a MINI is about.

  • Gary Moeller

    That is to allow for four doors. I think it takes away from the character of the Clubman.

  • Gary Moeller

    You are an elitist who likes to complain. If you don’t like it, buy something else. BTW, the original Mini was a following tin can with BL mechanicals and drove nicely – when they were running.

  • freddyh

    I don’t agree, it has produced a lot of very good cars and employs a lot of British people!

  • dannbunn

    I don’t care for anything they started doing in the attempt to enlarge their first design. I’ve owned originals and welcomed the new era initiated by BMW, My present is a 2008 two door Hatchback S. When they started the increasing in size, I saw what was coming. Well, they have done what they wanted to do, and will eventually screw the whole car up. I don’t care about any of the stretched out or 4 door models at all. They defeat the purpose of this car. If you want a station wagon, buy another brand. This car was never intended to be this.

  • smartacus

    i agree

  • dannbunn

    yes, I am, and complain I will. You who don’t understand the king’s English will not understand this car,

  • Gary Moeller

    We don’t have a king numbnuts. I have had the experience of a whole range of vehicles and probably driven more than you even dreamed of doing. The Mini today is German engineered and a much better vehicle than the old one. Yes it is larger, but now at least, one can put four people in one. And a few bags of groceries. With my Clubman, it is our city car and has hauled me and my wife and $300 worth of groceries home. If I want REAL room, I have a Ford Excursion that we can literally sleep in. If I want high speed cruising in comfort, I have a Chrysler 300 SRT8 that eats up the miles effortlessly. I am VERY satisfied with my Mini. If you don’t like yours, SELL IT!!!

  • dannbunn

    Mr. Moeller I am 71 years old. I very seriously doubt you have driven more cars than me, nor do you have any idea of my knowledge of automobiles. I think if you will observe our present leader, he thinks he is a king. My reference is of course the mother country language. To be specific, the word MINI, i.e. small,tiny,minuet. This word dictates the size of this vehicle. I just have a different appreciation and perspective of the original concept,than you.

  • Gary Moeller

    I appreciate this conversation turning civil. I am 66yo and spent 25 years in the military, which gave me the opportunity to drive a lot of different cars in different countries, including England. I have lived on all three coasts in the U.S. as well as in the middle of the country. Again, more opportunities to drive many cars. I didn’t say I owned all of them, but drove many. I am very familiar with the concept of “mini” in the generic sense. I drove a very small GM product (smaller that a Mini) 2400 miles in 22 days around and through England and Scotland on vacation. I have driven coast to coast several times and half way across and back many, many times. Four of those was with my Mini Clubman S. Let’s just say I know small, or “mini” as you said. I agree to disagree with you on perception of the concept, since I feel the current Mini is as small as it needs to be on American roads. Overseas is another matter.

  • dannbunn

    You’ve got me beat as to your experience on driving. I’ve done a lot, but not that much.
    I also guess I am a die-hard conservative in not wanting the idea of my opinion of the Mini staying the same. I welcomed the new BMW MINI in 2000, even though, it had transmission problems for years without any help from BMW. I also owned a BMW Z 3 hardtop coupe, that had transmission problem with absolute no admission of guilt from BMW. Hence my distaste of BMW corporate.
    I LOVE the car for it’s great handling characteristics. I saw the new era coming when they started the extended length. While I didn’t drive one, I discussed these with others that owned them,, and they complained the quickness of handling diminished in these.
    I just LOVE the two door short hatchbacks.
    Best of luck to you, and many many thank yous for your military service.