Apple CarPlay Cutting the Cord and Will Include Automaker Apps

Apple CarPlay Cutting the Cord and Will Include Automaker Apps

Apple CarPlay is getting numerous upgrades in the near future.

At the company’s annual WWDC, Apple revealed that CarPlay will be able to wirelessly connect to an iPhone, helping cut the cord for existing Apple CarPlay users that have to attach their iPhone through a wired connection to the vehicle’s infotainment system. Unfortunately, wireless Apple CarPlay won’t be compatible with currently released cars, but will be available on all future CarPlay-compatible systems.

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The company is also giving automakers access to the CarPlay system, allowing them to create their own apps to control systems within the vehicle. Previously, users would have to exit the CarPlay app in order to get back to their vehicle’s infotainment in order to control other systems such as monitoring fuel efficiency.

With automakers having the ability to create apps that work within Apple CarPlay, the company is hoping its system will be the one and only that needs to run in a vehicle all day long.

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