BMW Z2 Axed Before it Became Reality

BMW Z2 Axed Before it Became Reality

The BMW Z2 will not come to fruition.

CAR reports that the baby Z4 roadster has been axed due to declining sports car sales and the continuing rise of the crossover and SUV segment.

First rumored in 2011, the BMW Z2 was expected to be a Mazda MX-5 Miata sized sports car, sporting two seats and small three- or four-cylinder engines with a front-wheel drive layout. Expected to be part of the MINI, 1 Series and 2 Series family, the Z2 may have been phased out due to the MINI Superleggera heading to production.

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The German automaker is under new leadership with chairman Harald Krüger and R&D chief Klaus Fröhlich reportedly analyzing each future project with intense scrutiny. As a result, the BMW Z2 has been axed before we even saw it in concept form, leaving the Audi TT with less competition in the luxury sports car segment.

[Source: CAR]

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  • smartacus

    why don’t they just make a new Z3?

  • Mike

    Finally, you say something logical.