2016 Cadillac XT5 Arrives Next Year as Next-Gen SRX


Cadillac has confirmed the next-generation SRX will become the XT5 and will arrive in 2016.

In revealing plans on how the American automaker plans to integrate Apple CarPlay into its vehicles, it said that all 2016 model year products will feature enhanced connectivity and control, including the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto except the SRX crossover. In the announcement, Cadillac said that the model “will move to an all-new generation in early 2016.”

Besides the XT5, all 2016 Cadillac models equipped with the company’s CUE eight-inch multi-touch screen will be compatible with Apple CarPlay at launch with Android Auto phased into 2016 production at a later date.

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In addition, a more powerful processor will be added to CUE for all 2016 models, enabling faster system startup, voice recognition, navigation searches and media playing. Map screens on CUE have also been redesigned for easier use, including the addition of one-touch control for commonly used features such as “muting” voice navigation instructions and route cancellation.

On the Escalade, CTS and XTS models, Cadillac will also add Surround Vision to CUE, a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s perimeter.

“Cadillac’s product transformation includes continuing upgrades to connectivity and in-car technology,” says David Leone, Executive Chief Engineer. “In 2015 Cadillac became the first luxury brand to feature broad use of wireless charging and 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity, and now in 2016 we’re moving quickly to enhance phone integration and overall system performance.”

  • r l

    not quickly enough, the market has said for years now CUE needs to go but Caddy hasn’t listened!

  • Mark S

    SRX is bread and butter to Caddie, the update needs to be good. Good news on CUE, but not sure that is the fix for the ATS and CTS sales woes. Suggest that switching from hidden dealer incentives to publicized incentives and/or relatively lower MSRP’s are options.

  • Raymond Ramírez

    I wish the XT5 will become a new EREV jusing the Voltec technology in the 2016 CT6.

  • Alex O. Lewis, III

    Get rid of the alpha numeric names. Take a cue from Lincoln, bring back the DeVille, Seville, and Eldorado

  • Mark S

    Sounds good in theory, but Caddie is trying to appeal to a younger driver who may not know these names and/or associates these names with senior citizens. If was say Acura, switching back to Acura Legend instead of TL, TLX etc., a no brainer, but Caddie has a more difficult dilemma to tackle. Do prefer keeping the heritage though whether it be names, like Ford does or numbers like BMW does.

  • Alex O. Lewis, III

    I must respectfully disagree, this alphabet soup form of naming only causes confusion. Ask any younger buyer what an Escalade, Corvette, or Camaro is and they will tell you off the bat. Legacy names can hurt your products appeal? Not so, there were years of sorry Corvettes, now it’s world class. The first Escalade was a lightly disguised GMC Denali, how many of us remember that. Camaro’s languished for years and actually were discontinued until this latest iteration. Cadillac used to be the “Standard of the World” stop following everyone else and set your own path, give your cars good names. Here’s a question. are they going to throw away years of branding and get rid of the Escalade name? Good cars attract younger buyers not names.

  • Mark S

    Escalade got lucky in that rappers used the cars and so the young set lined up to get them. Are you so sure that they (younger folks) will want Deville’s….remember the episode of Seinfeld, what car did he buy his parents, who had retired to Boca Raton?
    Mustang, were clever in that they never went away. Corvette,…are trying to broaden the appeal of the Vette to a diverse range of buyer and in the C7, I think they hit a home run, best value sports car on the planet and you don’t have to be a 50+ mid life crisis candidate to be seen in one. I would have no problem if Caddie got the old names back, but I am not sure there marketing guru’s and marketing survey’s would agree. That said there current naming system is not going give them legendary following as the 3 Series, Jag naming etc., so a change is needed and the new Caddie boss did not do a great job at Infiniti. The real shame is that they have great cars in the ATS and CTS, I would have an ATS coupe yesterday if I could, but I do not think the naming is the main issue on sales, they are turning around the imagine so they can compete, big hats off for them trying and creating some great (light) cars.

  • Alby Mangled

    Stop worrying about what it’s called…it’s a 4WD type thingy and in my feeble old mind at least (56) it has no relevance in relation to the word Cadillac. When I think Caddy I think big classy sedans, perhaps a long low cruiser named Eldorado but I can honestly say I need to Google the latest cars just to demystify the acronyms / intials whatever. Cadillac should please the eye, excite the senses and comfort the operator while stirring the soul. Good grief, when somebody says “it’s the Cadillac of…” whatever they mean the best. Well, they used to. Let’s get back to greatness, not bicker about monikers.