Final Top Gear Episode With Jeremy Clarkson Airs June 28

Final Top Gear Episode With Jeremy Clarkson Airs June 28

Top Gear will never be the same after the 28th of June. 

The BBC has confirmed that the final episode of Top Gear to feature hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May all together will air Sunday, the 28th of June at 8pm.

The show was suspended after an investigation concluded that Clarkson had crossed a line when he physically assaulted produced Oisin Tymon, which resulted in his contract not being renewed by the BBC. The remaining three unaired episodes have now been combined into one extended-length special which will be shown all at once.

Clarkson has been in the BBC studio to record voice over for the episode within the last month, though rumor has it that the Top Gear studio portions of the episode were shot without him.

BBC has committed to continue producing Top Gear and is currently searching for new hosts. Richard Hammond and James May could return to the show, and it has been reported that the BBC offered them £4.6 million each to return.

The hosts are also said to be in talks with Netflix for a new car show that would be exclusive to the internet-based entertainment provider.

  • craigcole

    Can’t wait to see this! Even though it’s basically done Top Gear is still hugely entertaining.

  • Jeff T

    Me too. Although if the Netflix thing does happen it will be for the best in the end. Predict the p1, 918, and LA ferrari for first episode.