Future BMW Tech to Predict Where Open Parking Spaces Are

Future BMW Tech to Predict Where Open Parking Spaces Are

BMW is looking to turn the ultimate driving machine into the ultimate parking machine. 

The German automaker has revealed its new Dynamic Parking Prediction research project that aims to help finding a parking space in a city much easier. The technology will be displayed at TU-Automotive Detroit, one of the world’s leading connected car shows, on June 3 and 4.

To make the technology work, BMW had to come up with up-to-date digital maps that show all of the public parking spaces in a give area. A fleet of several thousand connected vehicles then supplied information on when they were entering or leaving a parking space along with when they were searching for a space. Based on all of this data, the driver searching for a spot will be shown where spaces are available along with the number of other drivers currently looking for spaces.

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BMW says that even when the system was restricted to just its fleet of cars, it gave back reliable results. Of course, the more connected vehicles involved, the better the predictive technology gets. BMW says it may roll out the parking info service to all of its car-sharing fleet in the near future, while most of its cars come from the factory with connected car tech already built in.

BMW has teamed with INRIX to develop the first prototype car with the predictive parking technology, which will be a BMW i3. The German automaker says that a successful trial run has already been made in Munich.

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  • craigcole

    Prediction is useless. Tell me with certainty where a parking spot is and then you’d have something.