GM Readying Wireless, Over-the-Air Updates

GM Readying Wireless, Over-the-Air Updates

GM car owners will soon be able to enjoy over-the-air updates on their vehicles.

The American automaker has confirmed development on technology that will allow its vehicles to get new features wirelessly. GM is currently developing a new electrical architecture for its vehicles that will move much of a car’s computer power to the cloud. According to Mark Reuss, GM global product development chief, the company has looked to Boeing Co. and military contractors for ideas on how to develop network security for the systems.

Although an exact timetable was not announced, Reuss indicated that it would be soon and perhaps it will be in time for the production Chevrolet Bolt.

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Tesla built its all-electric Model S from the ground up to support over-the-air updates, allowing the sedan to get upgraded with new features including automated parking or limited hands-free driving. Most automakers have been slow in enabling over-the-air updates for its vehicles, but with more technology being packed into cars these days, it’s no surprise the manufacturers are now developing systems to support wireless updates.

[Source: Automotive News]

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