Honda Performance has a Bright Future

Honda Performance has a Bright Future

Honda is developing its next crop of environmentally friendly vehicles, including a plug-in hybrid, pure-electric model and even a fuel-cell car, but just because they’re working on all of this doesn’t mean performance is dead.

In fact, the next-generation Civic will feature a turbocharged engine, the Honda brand’s first application of this technology in the U.S. This totally redesigned compact car is set to launch in the fall.

Additionally, the firm is developing a new Civic Type R, a product that will be offered in America. Unfortunately this car is not scheduled to hit the road quite as soon as its plebeian counterparts. John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda said it will go on sale “probably the year after next.”

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Arguably the Type R is the most exciting Honda to come along in years. Underscoring this, it’s rumored to pack some Magnum-caliber heat in the form of a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that could pump out as much as 305 hp.

Beyond this, the company is working on even more to keep enthusiasts interested. The Acura NSX looks like it’ll be a smash hit, but recently uncovered patent drawings reveal they could be developing a smaller sports car that resembles this reborn legend.

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Responding to questions about this mystery machine Mendel said, “No, I can’t tell you anything about the ‘baby NSX’ … I could, but I’d probably get fired.” When asked if there’s room for a dedicated performance model in the Honda lineup he said, “Absolutely there is.”

Read into all of this what you want, but it seems Honda’s tremendous success selling mainstream vehicles has given them both the confidence and resources to pursue some fun projects on the side. Perhaps the car revealed in those patent drawings is a successor to the brand’s legendary S2000. We can only hope.

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