Hot Wheels Made a Tesla You Can Actually Afford

Hot Wheels Made a Tesla You Can Actually Afford

The newest Tesla is the most affordable model yet.

That’s because it’s a toy from Hot Wheels. You’ll be able to pick one up for just over a $1.00 unless you find it in the bargain bin at your local toy store.

It seems unlikely though, considering the Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster is out on eBay ranging from $30 to $50 as a collector’s item. So if you’re a fan of the Tesla Model S, you better act quickly to secure yourself one or both of the models that Hot Wheels has unveiled – one that looks like a standard Model S in red and a silver version that features a more aggressive front end and black wheels accented by a red lip.

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The 1:64th-scale Tesla Model S was designed by Ryu Asada, who admitted that it wasn’t as simple as other car models considering the Model S has no engine or exhaust pipe. Check out a video of Asada sketching the Hot Wheels Tesla Model S below.

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  • danwat1234

    The side windows are too small.