Jeep Grand Wagoneer Being Shown to Dealers this Summer

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Being Shown to Dealers this Summer

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer nameplate is getting revived.

Automotive News has confirmed that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will show its dealers a sneak peek of the revived Jeep Grand Wagoneer at the automaker’s biennial dealer conference in Las Vegas, Nevada this August. The 2016 Jeep Grand Wagoneer will be the American automaker’s most expensive SUV yet and will feature three rows of seating in order to take on models from luxury brands such as Range Rover.

The last time the Jeep Grand Wagoneer was sold was in 1991, so it’s been nearly a quarter of a century since the nameplate has been sold at dealerships. Rumors suggest that the revived Grand Wagoneer will be built on an all-new platform that will eventually underpin other models from FCA.

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It is also being reported that the model won’t reach production for another couple of years, and will be introduced to the marketplace as a 2018 model year. Most recently, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne spoke about how his “blood boils” whenever he sees a Range Rover model on the streets, believing that Jeep isn’t taking advantage of its brand by offering an upscale, upmarket luxury SUV.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • craigcole

    I wonder if this will just be a stretched Grand Cherokee, a Jeep version of Dodge Durango or something else entirely …

  • scottturner

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  • Gary Haddon

    This news is about a year old.

  • JoeKlip

    I have thought the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the upscale SUV

  • Koko Devco

    I’ll probably buy one to replace my ’08 Commander. The 3d row is a nice feature that the GC doesn’t offer.

  • Just hope it’s not another mini-van like that POS excuse for a Cherokee. As a real Cherokee owner, I was ashamed to see the 2015 ‘Cherokee’.
    FWIW, I thought the Commander did a better job of carrying on the tradition of the Cherokee & Wagoneer styles!

  • Will it feature wood paneling?

  • VikingAesir

    I hope it looks like the old Grand Wagoneer and isn’t just another butch minivan.

  • Andrew

    I’m fine with new models, but don’t use classic nameplates like cherokee or wagoneer when they’re nothing like the original.

  • FrankyB

    In the 1980’s, the Grand Wagoneer was much better and more preferred than the same vintage Range Rover. In fact even today, people prefer it. Nobody wants to restore (for example) a 1987 Range Rover! It will be interesting to see it it will recapture the luxury SUV market. I will definitely consider it! Need to see it first !!

  • mccwho

    I loved my Wagoneer, if it had not gotten totaled in an accident, I would still have it.
    It will be interesting to see if Chrysler can do the heritage justice, or make just yet another grocery getter as most of the new jeeps are.

  • Mark

    Chrysler ruined Jeep, AMC built the last one. IMHO

  • gman51

    AMC also built the first successful small SUV, the Cherokee. I had an ’86 2 door with the 4cyl/5sp stick and CommandTrac. Got close to 25mpg on the hiway. Went where few others could go. Was a bit anemic uphill on the freeway though. Put 250,000 on her before engine seized. Then got a couple hundred from a guy who wanted the 5speed and clutch. Was not totally trouble free (many of the parts that broke said “Made in France” on em (this was the Renault days) but I definitely loved that car.

  • gman51

    I suspect that will be the innards of it. Rumor is that the Dodge version is being discontinued, whatever it’s called.

  • Thunderwink

    My very first car (in 1982) was a 1969 Jeep Wagoneer – NOT a Grand. In fact, it had a manual transmission and, by virtue of being a hand me down to many first time drivers in a mountain town, didn’t have a square foot of sheet metal that wasn’t crumpled. It had been subject to such practical jokes as coating it in 6′ of ice with a hose on a very cold night and driven and left at the top of one of the local ski area. Bought it for $400. Sold it for $400 (including my bitchin’ stereo!).

  • Scott T. J. Campisi

    Im not real happy about this. Jeep Grand Wagoneers were the work horse for us normal working people ( I have a 1984 daily driver). There are thousands still on the road because they were tough dependable and long lasting. The design is great, but they are not the fastest, or most comfortable SUV, they just don’t quit. They are going to turn the Grand Wagoneer into a rich mans toy that no normal person can afford, kinda like a HUMMV. This is truly a shame. I would have loved to have one if the design gives credit to the original.