Lexus SC Nameplate Being Revived in 2017


The Lexus SC will make a return as a 2017 model.

A production version of the LF-LC is coming and it will wear the SC badge according to Automobile. Essentially serving as a third-generation Lexus SC, the production LF-LC will be a luxury sports coupe based on the next-generation LS flagship.

Automobile reports that three powertrains will be offered in the SC’s revival, a 5.0-liter V8 currently found in the RC F with 467 hp, a hybrid powertrain making around 500 hp and a range-topping SC F model with a twin-turbo V8 churning out 600 hp.

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Unlike the previous-generation Lexus SC which was a luxury convertible, the Japanese automaker hopes the new SC will remind enthusiasts of the first generation coupe from the 1990s. Expect pricing to be in the six-digit range, or at least close. It’s a model that will help round out the company’s offerings as Lexus aims to be more competitive in the luxury sales race against its German competitors.

Expect the revived Lexus SC to compete with the Mercedes SL and BMW 6 Series.

[Source: Automobile]

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  • Jim Mc Cool

    Now this is a car that I definitely want to test drive. It looks a lot better than the RC-F and has the same engine. Nice thinking Lexus.

  • smartacus

    Will it still rock a Nakamichi sound system?

  • Carmaker1

    Auto Guide, I really expect better from you. There is NOT going to be a Lexus SC utilizing this design, as LC was registered and somewhat confirmed in 2014. Please do better research, as we count on you to give us accurate news, not inaccurate and conflicting information.