Lexus Trademarks ‘IS 300’ and ‘RC 300’ Models

Lexus Trademarks ‘IS 300’ and ‘RC 300’ Models

Three-hundred appears to be an important figure at Lexus. The Japanese automaker has filed several trademarks for names containing this number.

Lexus Trademarks ‘300’ Models

It started in October of last year when a filing for the name RC 300 turned up. About six months later IS 300 appeared in another trademark-office filing. Keep in mind these names lack a lowercase “h” at the end indicating, in Lexus’ current parlance, that these would be non-hybrid models. Curiously an application for the name GS 300 was submitted in late 1991 and is still active.

All of this seems to indicate these model lines will receive a new engine of some sort, perhaps a V6 with a displacement of 3.0-liters. But our friends over at speculate that these upcoming models will feature a next-generation version of Toyota’s familiar 2GR-FSE 3.5-liter V6.

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When used in the redesigned Tacoma pickup truck they predict the new powerplant will be called the 7GR-FSE and displace three-and-a-half-liters. Differentiating these engines, the new one is expected to feature Atkinson-Otto-cycle capability, electrically operated variable valve timing and other enhancements.

In Lexus applications they project the engine will be designated 8GR-FSE. Still, this is a lot of speculation based off a few trademark filings. What do you think Lexus is working on here?

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  • smartacus

    it could be just the opposite: it could be a BMW / MB style naming scheme where 300 is actually a 2.0 4 cylinder with the output of a 3.0 V6

  • Goran

    So far they haven’t done any of that nonsense other than on hybrid models. Where (RX)450h is 3.5 L hybrid with power output equivalent to 4.5 L NA. And since (RC/NX)200t is official name for 2.0 L Turbo it would make sense if current 3.5 L V6 was replaced with newer and more efficient 3.0 L V6.

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  • Roman Cobb

    2JZ > 2GR Bring the inline 6 motor back!