Lincoln Aviator Rumored to Return as Upscale Ford Explorer Twin


Lincoln could be dumping its current naming system for something more traditional.

Rumor has it that the American automaker will usher in a new era of model nameplates starting with the Lincoln Aviator, an SUV based on the new Explorer.

Currently, the Lincoln brand uses a mashup of the letters “MK” followed by a third letter such as “S” or “T” to denote the model, which has become not only confusing but hard to remember even for fans of the brand. When the company unveiled the Continental concept earlier this year, many believed that the automaker would turn to a more traditional naming convention, but if that move comes to fruition it won’t be the Continental nameplate to kick it off.

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The Truth About Cars reports that Ford engineers are working on a project that is internally known as “Aviator” and that Lincoln will not make a next-generation MKT model based on the Ford Flex, but will give the nameplate the axe altogether. The company recently filed a trademark for the Aviator nameplate, meaning it could be the first of many name changes for the brand.

The company responded to TTAC‘s request for a comment with spokesman Stéphane Cesareo saying, “We do not comment on speculation. MKT continues to be present in our lineup, with a new model in 2015. By 2020, we expect to expand the segments that we participate in by adding two new nameplates to the Lincoln brand. We have not provided any indications about the products or their names.”

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  • Rocket

    That’s good news. Unfortunately, this will probably be the end of the Flex, too.

  • GrohBot

    i love the flex, so under rated

  • craigcole

    Lincoln, PLEASE BRING BACK REAL NAMES! This could be a big differentiator for you in the luxury market.