Lincoln MKS Axed

Lincoln MKS Axed

The Lincoln MKS is being killed off.

Ford has confirmed that production of the Lincoln MKS will be phased out next year and it has been reported that the American automaker plans to replace the model with the production version of the Continental concept that debuted at this year’s New York Auto Show.

The current Lincoln MKS shares its platform with the Ford Taurus, which will live on. “Chicago Assembly Plant is vital to our global manufacturing footprint and will continue to manufacture the Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer and Police Interceptor vehicles even after we phase out production of the MKS in 2016,” the American automaker said in a statement. “We will continue to match production to demand.”

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Expect the outgoing Lincoln MKS to benefit from significant discounts in the coming year, especially since sales have been slow for the luxury sedan. Through May 2015, Lincoln has only sold 3,304 MKS units, which is 19.1 percent less than the same period a year ago.

When the Continental heads to production, replacing the MKS, it won’t be built at the Chicago Assembly Plant. Instead, the factory will satisfy increased demand for the Explorer with more production. Rumor has it that the Continental will be built along with the Fusion and Mustang in Flat Rock, Michigan.

[Source: USA Today]

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  • smartacus

    i know a man who is very proud of his MKS.
    It’s fast enough and comfy enough (he showed me)… but he is 74.

  • Eric Cameron

    “…but he is 74.”

    You found the problem with this vehicle!

  • Brad Barefoot

    My adopted Dad has a Lincoln Town Car (I named it Abe) and it’s close to 15 years old, like “smartacus’s” below he’s 74 as well. Over the last year Abe has had a lot of time/money spent on it. Dad likes a rear wheel drive “big” car. He always remarked if Ford/Lincoln wants to sell cars bring back the Lincoln Town Car, and the people who can “write a check” will buy them … again. As he says, the Lincoln customer base really isn’t worried about financing their Lincoln.

  • Reality Chuck

    These lazy Lincolns can no longer survive as festooned Fords (illteration is the cheapest form of journalism). Lincoln sales must be feeding on the last crumbs of those who remember it as a luxury car manufacturer. Ahhh…those commercials of the 1980’s where Lincoln would make fun of GM and its look alike cars of Cadillac……how ironic with the same fate too.