Listen to the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s Ferrari-Sourced Engine


The Alfa Romeo Giulia has debuted, and now we can see how it looks in motion and hear its angry-sounding Ferrari-sourced engine.

The Italian automaker has released a video showcasing its latest sedan, which boasts a six-cylinder engine sourced from Ferrari that puts out 510 hp. With an aggressive design matched to a 50/50 weight balance and rear-wheel drive, the Alfa Romeo Giulia looks on paper to be a true contender to the BMW M3 and other high-performance sedans including the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and the Audi RS4.

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Now we know that not only does the Giulia look the part, but it sounds the part as well. Tearing up the track and kicking the car sideways with ease, the driver behind the wheel of the Giulia in this video must have been having plenty of fun taking advantage of the sedan’s Torque Vectoring and dual-clutch transmission.

The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia will arrive at U.S. dealerships late next year and will be on display at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, where will definitely get up close and personal, perhaps to make a video of our own … hopefully there’s just as many hijinks going on.

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  • smartacus

    the engine sounds like quality, but the rest of the car won’t convince me.

    It looks like it came from the same company that makes the 500X.
    -and the interior looks almost like a carbon copy of the Mazda6.

  • Bojan

    Mazda 6 looks better.

  • smartacus

    yes you are correct, Bojan
    Mazda 6 looks much better

  • Sorry, ALFA, this is not good enough for 2017. I’ll go back to my 164L, or my Spider, before I’ll drive one of those. However, the Coupe looks nice. ALFA is a sports car company, dammit! Stick to your knitting! And use an ALFA engine, furfoxache! Ferraris are all over their game, let’s be ourselves, not them!

  • nando

    Hermoso. Parecido al serie 3 pero no problemo
    Si combina ese look con la excelente maniobrabilidad tipica de alfa yo compraria uno

  • Ddville

    And that is what one gets from what we egotistical minds that bears to accept over 1000 different assortments. Do you like ‘sprinkles’ on your paddles?

  • Ddville

    Global economy does not favor your archaic dreams. The first time that the Cavolino Rampante graced the flanks of an Alfa Romeo race car was when the master Enzo formed the Scuderia Ferrari race team…using Alfa Romeo P3’s .Any aficionado would admit any connection with a Ferrari connection was an equal contribution.