Listen to the new Shelby GT350R at Full Tilt

Listen to the new Shelby GT350R at Full Tilt

Under the new Shelby GT350R’s hood lives a flat-plane V8 which loves to roar.

Ford has released a quick video that demands full volume from your speakers to blare the 5.2-liter V8’s song.

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The GT350R is going to be one of the most track-capable Mustangs ever, packing over 520 hp along with a host of track-focused parts. From massive 15.5-inch brake rotors to the lightweight carbon fiber wheels, this car has been designed to turn fast lap times.

A new electrically adjustable suspension system also comes on the car, which constantly monitors what’s going on with parameters ranging from steering angle and wheel position, to temperature and vehicle position. With all of these data points factored in it can change damping in just 7 milliseconds.

Pricing for the car is rumored to start at just under $50,000. Exact specifications are still unreleased but more info should become available closer to the car’s on-sale date later this year.

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  • Soyntgo4it

    Yup sounds like a fart cannon

  • smartacus

    imagine if it were a 4.5 like the Ferrari 458.

  • Patrick Jackson


  • RichardSGonzalez

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  • craigcole

    Sounds good, though I’d hesitate calling it great. The audio seems a bit blown out, which makes it hard to hear.

  • Mark S

    Not the best promotional vid, hopefully the flat plane crank sounds better in person.

  • Rick

    No I can’t imagine being a 4.5…because it’s a 5.2.

  • Haveaniceday

    This monstrous styling mocks the original GT350.