MINI Giving Three Models the Axe


Bid adieu to three MINI models as they’re not long for this world.

With the recent debut of the (not so) MINI Clubman, the British automaker has confirmed that the coupe, roadster and Paceman crossover are all getting cut from the lineup.

As a result, MINI will now focus on five core models, which include the trademark hatchback and Countryman, as well as the recently debuted Clubman. More importantly, parent company BMW confirmed that the Clubman essentially kicks off a new era for MINI, as it expands into the premium compact class.

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As for the Superleggera, MINI wouldn’t confirm that it’s heading to production, with Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW executive who oversees the division, saying that it remains “an extremely interesting” option to fill the void as a two-seat, convertible offering. The company expects to hit a new sales record this year after selling about 302,000 units last year. Accounting for nearly 80 percent of those deliveries were MINI’s trademark model and the Countryman.

The company didn’t confirm when it’ll cease production of all three models, but the two-seat coupe and roadster have already been removed from the company’s website in Germany.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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  • RCD

    Wasn’t Mini already a premium compact brand?

  • smartacus

    pretty soon the trademark hatchback will also be axed in favor of the Clubfootman and the ManwithoutaCountry