Nissan Juke R 2.0 Packs a 600 HP Punch

As if the Juke R wasn’t crazy enough, Nissan has added even more punch to the crazy compact crossover. 

The Juke R 2.0 has been revealed with power coming from the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 found in the GT-R Nismo, cranking out 600 hp. Some of the other upgrades revealed on the GT-R NISMO have also been tacked onto the Juke R 2.0, including its wheels and carbon fiber bits.

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Available only in matte black, the Juke R 2.0 has a revised look thanks to new bumpers, rear winglets, side sills and headlights. On the hood, bare carbon fiber cooling ducts are also now fitted, helping to cool the engine.

“The JUKE-R has become an iconic Crossover supercar, and with the launch of the latest JUKE model last year, it was the natural choice to upgrade the original JUKE-R with added power and even bolder styling,” said Gareth Dunsmore, Marketing Communications general manager for Nissan Europe

The new Juke R will make its public debut this coming weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed where it will tackle the famous hill climb challenge.

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