Nissan Juke-R NISMO Debuting at Goodwood Festival

Nissan Juke-R NISMO Debuting at Goodwood Festival

The world’s fastest crossover is getting more powerful.

The Nissan Juke-R NISMO will make its official debut at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Japanese automaker has released a teaser image for the crazy crossover. In announcing the Nissan Juke-R NISMO, the company kept it rather subtle and discreet saying that it’s ready to unleash its latest evolution and that the Juke-R NISMO will use “the latest technology, styling and running gear from NISMO products.”

Billed as the supercar-beating crossover, the newest iteration of the Juke-R will get more aggressive looks and will carry the traditional red accents found on current production NISMO variants.

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The original Nissan Juke-R borrowed its powertrain from the GT-R, providing 545 hp and 466 lb-ft of torque in the compact crossover. By adding the NISMO nameplate to the model, it’s not a stretch to speculate that Nissan has gone and outfitted the Juke-R with the GT-R NISMO’s powertrain, giving it 600 hp, guaranteeing that it’ll be even quicker than the previous 0-60 time of three seconds.

We expect to learn more details about the Nissan Juke-R NISMO at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed when it’s officially unveiled, and expect a healthy campaign of videos pitting the crossover against some of the world’s finest exotics… and beating them.

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  • Patrick Jackson