Nissan Leaf Mule Testing 250-Mile Range


The Nissan Leaf is trying to keep up with new electric vehicles that are currently in development.

Never one to shy away from bold statements, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn recently told shareholders that the company is working on an EV with range “comparative to today’s conventional vehicles” and that it’ll be available “in the near future.” During the meeting, Ghosn showed a video of a next-generation Leaf mule testing new battery technology, starting with 417 km (259 miles) on the odometer and returns with more than 200 km (124 mile) remaining after going on a drive.

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It has been reported numerous times that the next-generation Leaf is aiming to have at least a 250-mile range and the Japanese automaker confirmed it is testing “new materials and chemistry solutions in order to make thinner, lighter weight and less costly batteries.” Along with the ability to create an EV with comparable driving range to an internal combustion engine, Nissan is also aiming for vehicles that charge faster.

The next-generation Nissan Leaf is expected to arrive around 2018-2019 and for the meantime, Nissan is likely equipping the 2016 Leaf with a 30-kWh battery to give it a 105-mile range. Unfortunately given that time frame, the Chevrolet Bolt will likely steal some market share and the next Nissan Leaf will face stiff competition from the Tesla Model 3.

[Source: HybridCars]

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  • smartacus

    last time i ever had a car with only 250 mile range, it had a fuel line leak :p

  • Jeff Kiddin

    And could you fill it up at home in your garage while you were sleeping?

  • smartacus

    -me? oh yes i sure could fill up my car at home in my garage.
    At least one of my five gas cans is filled with premium at all times.

    -Leaf is supposed to be for urbanites; but apartments, condos, town houses are not exactly known for having garages 🙂

    -Sometimes i leave my car outside the garage overnight to work on a project in the garage.

  • Jeff Kiddin

    You’re welcome to tote all the gas cans around you want; sounds really convenient. How many does it take to fill up?

    My apartment building lets me plug in to charge in my parking space. They’re a little bit ahead of the game here in California. Don’t worry, you’ll catch up sooner or later.

  • smartacus

    ooooh ok irrational unintelligible comment.

    -yeah, you see you need something called… a human brain capable of grasping complex thought. You’ll catch up sooner or later

    -yes, California is a little bit ahead of everyone else in car thefts

    -oh well, nice try. you gave it a good effort for such a pedestrian brain 🙂

  • Jeff Kiddin

    I always know I’ve won the argument when the other side is reduced to flinging ad hominem personal attacks because they don’t have any points left to make. Enjoy lugging those gas cans around!

  • smartacus

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    But you do play a good fool 😀

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  • smartacus

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  • smartacus

    -my car gets lighter as the fuel is consumed.
    Does your battery get lighter, Mr. Edison?

    *and what gas cans?

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