Nurburgring Bans Official Lap Times

Nurburgring Bans Official Lap Times

The Nürburgring has officially become a no-fun zone. The management organization that runs this legendary racecourse has decided to officially ban manufacturers from attempting hot laps and publishing lap times.

Nuerburgring Bans Lap Times

For car enthusiasts and racing aficionados this is heresy, though the need for safety is understandable. This decision comes after a VLN race that occurred earlier this year. Driver Jann Mardenborough was involved in a collision that killed a spectator.

This 13-mile facility is widely regarded as the greatest and most challenging racetrack in the world. Its history, challenging layout and sheer size are unmatched.

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In response to this tragedy the track’s management imposed a speed limit at the Flugplatz section of the circuit where the accident happened. Following this move, other high-speed areas of the track also have velocity restrictions in place.

Obviously this is going to put the kibosh on manufacturers recording and publishing lap times, though there is hope. Word has it these restrictions will be reviewed sometime at the end of the year. However, at this time automakers are still banned from attempting official laps, even if they’ve rented the entire facility.


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  • smartacus

    i read somewhere the Lamborghini Aventador SV was flouting the speed limit which was already in effect when it set the sub-7 minute lap time.