Porsche Classic Offers New Dash for Old 911s

Porsche Classic Offers New Dash for Old 911s

Porsche Classic is helping owners of classic 911s fix up their dashboards. 

The new dashboards, which incorporate a modern substructure, are meant for 911s built from between 1969 and 1975. While the materials and manufacturing process are completely modern, the dash looks true to the original and is meant to keep these cars looking fully stock.

To replace the dash, the windshield must be removed out of these 911s, so Porsche Classic recommends bringing the car to an authorized dealership to have the work done.

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Porsche Classic is growing its parts catalog and network, which will consist of about 100 authorized Porsche dealers in the next few years. Recently, Porsche revealed a modern touchscreen head unit with navigation that integrates into classic Porsches perfectly.

The new dash will cost $1,353 plus any applicable taxes, shipping, and handling when purchased at a U.S. dealer.

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  • craigcole

    This is a great idea. Over many years plastics and vinyls often fade and crack from UV rays and heat. I imagine parts like dashboards and other composite components are nigh on impossible to convincingly repair. I wonder what the dashboard costs to install?