Proof That the Aston Martin DB11 Will Really be a Mercedes Inside

It looks like Aston Martin’s new supercar will have more than a Mercedes-AMG engine. 

New spy photos have offered us a glimpse of the DB11’s interior, which appears to be mostly lifted directly from Mercedes. The digital gauge cluster, steering wheel, climate controls and most of the center stack are all pulled straight from the S-Class.

Mercedes-Benz S 500 4MATIC Coupé Edition 1 (C 217) 2013Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin signed a partnership that allows Aston to use engines and electronics from the German brand in exchange for a five-percent stake in the British company.

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Seeing as this is a prototype, it’s possible that interior will change before it comes to market. But the internal electronics will surely all come from Mercedes.

Under the hood, a V12 is expected to be offered as the range-topping engine, while a Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo V8 will be available as a budget option.

The car will ride on a brand new platform that will eventually underpin most of Aston Martin’s lineup.

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