Remote Control Range Rover Sport Offers Off-Road Precision

Remote Control Range Rover Sport Offers Off-Road Precision

Land Rover is showing off a new way of traversing tricky terrain.

The brand has built an experimental Range Rover Sport which can be controlled with a smartphone, allowing the driver to get out and walk beside the vehicle as it drives forward at a top speed of 4 mph.

Steering, brakes, acceleration and high/low gear ranges can all be manipulated via smartphone. This would allow you to be your own spotter when traversing challenging terrain. The smartphone user must be within about 30-feet of the vehicle and have the key on them for the system to operate.

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A second experimental Range Rover Sport was also put together, to show off the brand’s new multi-point turn technology. This Range Rover can turn itself around 180 degrees completely on its own. Sensors on the Range Rover will scan the area and will perform a three-point turn, assuming there is enough space. If the area is too tight, the Range Rover will take as many turns as it need to spin itself.

“Research into technologies like these won’t only help us deliver an autonomous car,” said Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology, Jaguar Land Rover. “They will help make real driving safer and more enjoyable. The same sensors and systems that will help an autonomous car make the right decisions, will assist the driver and enhance the experience to help prevent accidents. Autonomous car technologies will not take away the fun of driving.”

Jaguar Land Rover says that its vision of the future is to have fully autonomous cars, but to leave an option open for the driver to have a more engaged and involved driving experience.

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  • Marius IoPurcel

    I’m sorry, but what’s the point spending 100K+ and not being behind the wheel. Half the fun is the trial and error; nothing wrong with getting more tools inside – different angles cameras etc- but this? Stupid and NOTUSELESS, just stupid. I’m sure it makes sense on paper, oh look, I can do this flawlessly …but the point of 4x4ing is to try, learn and get better.

  • Africa Lives in Me!!!

    When you’re 500Km from the closest human you might want to make sure you don’t get stuck or damage your vehicle.
    On a trail – sit in your LR and enjoy the challenge.
    When overlanding – use technology to enjoy the journey safely.

  • Marius IoPurcel

    Yup, I agree technology rocks: that’s why I’ll always prefer custom bumpers, winches, skid plates and cameras …or BYOB (bring your own buddy) to spot if needed.

    I like to be behind the wheel, I like to get my feedback from the car in real time, I want to see the angle where to go to. Extreme applications, sure, I agree, it could come in handy, but your 99% LR owners will never put their remote controlled toy into a situation they really need to use it.