Tesla Model 3 Confirmed to Have at Least 250-Mile Range

Tesla Model 3 Confirmed to Have at Least 250-Mile Range

Tesla has confirmed some details on its upcoming Model 3.

With the Tesla Model X crossover starting deliveries in three to four months, attention is turning to the American electric automaker’s next sedan, the Model 3. Speaking at the Edison Electric Institute annual convention, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and co-founder J.B. Straubel revealed that the Model 3 will have a driving range of at least 250 miles and will sell for around $35,000. The company also confirmed that it’s on pace to release the Model 3 by 2017 and it’ll be extremely competitive with the Chevrolet Bolt.

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Both Musk and Straubel believe that electric vehicles will become commonplace among American drivers over the next decade as battery prices drop and the charging infrastructure improved across the U.S. In addition, Musk noted that charging stations aren’t required everywhere, adding that over 90 percent of energy charges to existing Tesla vehicles are done at home. To Musk, charging stations make sense in “all the places people charge their phones, mainly at home and at the office.”

Earlier reports have the Tesla Model 3 debuting in March 2016 but the bigger news is that the Model 3 will have at least a 250-mile driving range rather than the previously reported 200-mile range.

[Source: The Times-Picayune]

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