Tesla Model X Crossover Spotted Once Again

The upcoming Tesla Model X has been spotted testing in public once again. 

The crossover is supposed to go sale during the third quarter of 2015 and Tesla has been testing the electric crossover on the streets of California extensively to prepare for launch. Styling and design appear to be the same compared to other Model X prototypes we have seen in the past.

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Tesla’s dual-motor all-wheel drive system is expected to be standard equipment on the Model X, which will likely offer three different powertrain variants: a 60 kWh, 85 kWh and 85 kWh Performance package. Range is expected to be around 300 miles with the 85 kWh battery, while the Model X’s most prominent feature will be “Falcon Wing” doors, which open vertically.

Tesla is aiming to deliver 55,000 vehicles worldwide this year, a goal that will need the Model X to come to fruition, although its late arrival will leave most the work to the Model S.

[Source: VWVortex]