Top Gear Hosts Expected to Head to Netflix

Top Gear Hosts Expected to Head to Netflix

Former Top Gear hosts James May and Richard Hammond are expected to follow Jeremy Clarkson to a new endeavor.

Both May and Hammond were recently offered multi-million dollar contracts to stay with the BBC and Top Gear, but appear to be sticking to their word and will stand by ousted-host Jeremy Clarkson’s side. Ever since his firing from the show several months ago following a “fracas” involving a steak dinner, rumors have stirred that Netflix would jump on getting all three hosts for a new show exclusive to the online streaming service.

The Mirror reports that the trio and executive producer Andy Wilman are “very close” to signing a huge deal with Netflix and the team is “very excited at the prospect of having total editorial control over their new show, to make it and get it distributed.”

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Recently, it was reported that Top Gear was considering rotating guest hosts for its popular show under the impression that May and Hammond would return. If May and Hammond eventually follow Clarkson to Netflix for an all-new program it’s likely the BBC will see Top Gear undergo a reboot of sorts, with the network having to re-brand the show with new hosts.

[Source: The Mirror]

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  • craigcole

    Bring it on! Netflix and rival services are the future of television. I for one can’t wait for this trio to get back in front of the cameras.