Toyota Prius SUV Reportedly in Development

Toyota Prius SUV Reportedly in Development

Toyota may be looking to expand its Prius family even more.

Through its joint collaboration with Mazda, Toyota is reportedly developing a Prius SUV model, which will likely be a production version of the C-HR concept shown at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

The two automakers have agreed to exchange powertrain technologies that will power all-new models. This now reportedly includes a new compact crossover for Toyota and Mazda’s first EV. It is being reported that Toyota is eyeing Mazda’s 1.5-liter SkyActiv diesel engine for its hybrid models, potentially powering the Prius SUV with a diesel-hybrid powertrain that will offer plenty of torque and great fuel economy.

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There is also a possibility that Toyota could implement just the diesel engine into the new crossover model without the electric powertrain, as well as the rest of its lineup to help gain an edge in the European market. Mazda has already confirmed that it will use its relationship with Toyota to manufacture its first electric vehicle in order to meet strict Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) regulations in the state of California.

Considering the growth of the crossover and SUV segment and how Toyota has expanded its Prius lineup with the compact Prius c and the larger Prius v, a Prius SUV isn’t entirely out of the question and would help solidify the family as a contender in numerous segments.

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  • kolac

    We need ELECTRIC cars

  • captainmike

    why can’t a company the size of Toyota hire better engineers instead of going to smaller but better companies like Mazda and Subaru to get technology

    that is why I own a Subaru and my wife a Mazda after being a loyal Toyota fan for 25 years !!!

    Toyota is a marketing company now not a company with excellent products like Subaru and Mazda.

    only thing Toyota has done OK with is Hybrid tech but Mazda is using Toyota hybrid tech to make a car that gets 73 MPG in Japan

    SO WHY CAN’T TOYOTA DO THAT ??????????

  • Orion Antares


  • Area

    someone should design Electric-Solar hybrid Cars with bit more power.

  • Area

    not in USA. FTC and NHTSA double downs compare to ANY other market. 25kpl/58mpg is new “common” in asian market right now. We’re still stuck at about 30mpg!!

  • Henry Johnson

    The need to make a little crew cab pickup. screw the suv.

  • A Prius SUV would probably be popular with people who like the idea of a hybrid but need more space. And let’s face it, the Prius V isn’t that much bigger than the standard Prius. It’s a solid idea; hopefully the final car looks nothing like the hideous C-HR concept shown above!

  • Rickers

    That would be an amazing idea.

  • Felix James