Toyota S-FR Trademarked: Is This the New Supra?


Toyota has trademarked a new automobile title, hinting at a name for a future sports car. 

Toyota S-FR has now been protected with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and will be used for “automobiles and structural parts thereof.”

Following the naming structure introduced for FR-S, which stands for front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car, the new name may stand for sports front-engined rear-wheel drive. We’re hoping that the ‘S’ stands for ‘super,’ which would make it a super front-engined rear-wheel drive car.

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Toyota wants to have a three sports car lineup, consisting of one car that would sit above the FR-S and one that will sit below. The name could be used for either, though the larger of the two new cars is expected to arrive much sooner.

The high-end sports car will be a spiritual successor to the Supra and will take its styling cues from the Toyota FT-1 concept. It is currently being developed in cooperation with BMW.

The Toyota S-FR trademark application was filed on May 28, 2015.

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  • Its almost sagaris in style from the rear …….. pretty nice looking each time seeing, especially the rear ……

    Though its a hard top coupe and likely will never see a spider/convertible/targa

  • BrianMYoung

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  • William Koebel

    No dual exhausts, no fog lights, no bumpers of any kind(protection) front or rear. Drop the tiny rear seat and add the above. I’ll buy it if it ever gets to the US,