Huge Auto Parts Supplier Doesn’t See Self-Driving Cars Until 2030

Huge Auto Parts Supplier Doesn’t See Self-Driving Cars Until 2030

Toyota’s largest supplier isn’t as optimistic about self-driving cars as other companies.

Bloomberg reports that Denso Corp. president Koji Arima believes that fully autonomous vehicles won’t be established until at least 2030. Denso is the top supplier for Toyota and has recently taken an interest in developing semi-autonomous technologies by supplying the Japanese automaker with radar and image sensors. Arima said that the company will potentially offer the technologies to other automakers as early as next year.

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The latest technology from Denso is Toyota’s “Safety Sense P” system, which alerts drivers before a possible collision with another car or pedestrian. Safety Sense P will apply additional braking force if needed or will automatically reduce the vehicle’s speed if the driver fails to brake.

For now, Arima believes that the auto industry will focus on taking intermediate steps toward the future of self-driving cars, working on safety systems that can prevent or mitigate crashes. Denso’s assessment of the technology contrasts from companies including Google and Ford, which believe self-driving cars will hit the roads by 2020.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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