Volkswagen Close to 185-Mile Range Battery


Volkswagen is looking to improve the battery technology for its electric vehicles.

Speaking to German newspaper Bild, Volkswagen Chairman Martin Winterkorn has confirmed that the company is close to new battery technology that will bring “a quantum leap for the electric car.” Although that’s probably a bit of a hyperbole, the company is researching a super-battery in Silicon Valley, California that is not only cheaper, smaller and more powerful, but will give provide a range of about 186 miles.

It’s not quite a quantum leap considering the Chevrolet Bolt is aiming for a 200-mile range and the current Tesla Model S already trumps a 186-mile range, but if the battery is truly affordable, then it may lead the charge for cheap EVs.

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In late April, Volkswagen revealed that it was hoping to scale down its electric powertrain production by creating a unified battery cell. If the new battery that Winterkorn is referring to can be used across the Volkswagen and Audi lineup and has a range of over 185 miles, then maybe it would warrant Winterkorn’s claim of being a “quantum leap.” Look for the new battery to make its way on the next-generation e-Golf.

[Source: Autocar]

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  • smartacus

    last time i had 200 mile range, i had my foot to the floor in the desert.
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  • pottsy189

    If these batteries are cheap , ideal for use to power your home, in an emergency or all day long , charging being done by voltac cells on ones garage roof