2015 Ford Edge Stop-Sale Ordered Over Water Leaks


Ford has issued a stop-sale on the new 2015 Ford Edge. 

In the affected vehicles, water can seep in through a sheetmetal joint in the front pillar, right behind the hood hinge. If this happens, water enters the cabin by the lower A-pillar, just behind the lower dash trim panels. The issue affects 2015 Edge vehicles built before April 28, 2015.

Ford service technicians have been advised to look for damp carpets and water around the dash panel, console insulation, floor pan sheetmetal and the entire lower A-pillar area. The inspection should take about half a day, while the results will determine the next move.

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If no water or dampness is found, the dealer will apply a urethane sealer to the affected seams to prevent any leaks in the future. Edges that are found with a leak will be held for a three-day assessment, during which the dealer will inspect many of the possibly affected components and replace if neccessary, dry the vehicle, apply the sealant, and then check that it worked. A loaner vehicle will be provided by Ford for the three day stretch.

If the damage is significant enough, the vehicle may qualify for a buy back from Ford. Owners will be notified, though you can contact your dealer now to setup an appointment.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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  • Mike

    Hasn’t this thing had like 16 recalls on this new model? I’m all for Ford making it and being successful, but this is getting ridiculous. They should be embarrassed.

  • Jerry

    This is actually the first recall. There are other issues I experienced with my new 2015 Edge including a hose connected to the turbo popped off during hard acceleration. Other than that, I have not had any issues. For those that experience the wet floor issue, it’s awful. Follow this thread, http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/18110-water-leak-help/

  • Dominick Williams

    MAZDA3 4-cyl

    67,000 miles

    While driving my Mazda3, came to a stop, upon accelerating my seat began to rock slightly, about a week or so later, came to a stop and upon accelerating my whole seat rocked backwards, to the point I could no longer reach the pedals. Took the car into the dealership and was told the welds that attach the seat to the seat track had broken. The seat is no longer stable and safe to drive. Several calls into Mazda, but getting no where because the car is out of warranty. Obviously the welds connecting the seat to the seat track, and the subsequent breaking of those welds is a manufacturing defect that causes huge safety risks for all drivers of Mazda3S. It is unknown where/when the welds will break.

    – East Syracuse, NY, USA


    Mar 212013

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    While accelerating from a stop sign I hit a small pot hole and suddenly my seat flew back. The seat broke completely free from the mounting brackets at the two from mounting points. Upon inspection the welds on the mounting bracket snapped clean off. Due to the sudden reclining motion my neck was extremely sore from the sudden and abrupt rearward reclining motion this caused. If this were to happen on the highway to a person who is shorter then myself, loss of the control of the vehicle is very possible. Once I was able to reach my destination I notified Mazda who claims they have never heard of such a problem. Upon further searching the internet I found many other Mazda 3 owners are having the very same issues. I purchased the car brand new in July of 2009 and it has been maintained. I have not had any other issues with the vehicle.

    – South Bend, IN, USA


    Mar 152013

    MAZDA3 4-cyl

    46,890 miles

    The vehicle involved is a 2010 Mazda Mazda3. I sat in the front drivers seat and felt the drivers seat shift backwards. From that point on the seat was unsteady and rocked forward and backward depending on which I was doing, accelerating or breaking. Upon examination, it was found that the weld on the seat bracket had broken. In my opinion, this is a very unusual break and could be very hazardous if it happens upon braking. This issue happened on 03/15/13.

    – New Fairfield, CT, USA

  • Dominick Williams

    Recall Nazda3 2010 and up with this safety defect now, before it’s to late Mazda!!!

  • smartacus

    water you waiting for?