2016 Chevy Silverado Revealed with Fresh Face, New Tech


Chevrolet has revealed the refreshed 2016 Silverado. 

The American half-ton pickup truck has been given a new face for 2016 along with the addition of new powertrain options and some new technology inside.

A monochromatic front grille, new LED accent lights in the bumper and a new bulging hood make up the bulk of the style changes that are meant to toughen up the Silverado and keep it competitive with the new Ford F-150 and Ram 1500. Only higher trim levels, such as the Z71 version seen in the photos, will receive the two rows of LED accent lighting.

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The 2016 Chevy Silverado will now have “expanded use” of the eight-speed automatic transmission that can currently only be had with the 6.2-liter V8 engine in the truck. Although no details were offered, it is safe to assume that the eight-speed will now be available with the 5.3-liter V8, though it won’t likely replace the standard six-speed transmission.

Inside, the new Silverado will follow in the footsteps of other GM products by offering both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration setups. “Additional safety technologies” are also being promised by the company, though no specifics were offered at this time.

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  • Steve Holsten

    The “Little” Duramax was due to released in the 2016 truck

  • tom winn

    redo those dang ugly fenders!

  • roundthings

    Headlights look odd the way they just stop where they meet the grill.
    The asymmetric bars also look odd

  • Liberty1959

    Is that front bumper metal or plastic? While I am a big chevy fan, this truck looks a little metro soft to me. It looks like you might find a couple of limp wristed cowboys driving this thing,

  • TexRob

    I didn’t think they could make it any uglier than it already was. I was wrong!

  • TexRob

    It comes with a free rainbow flag…

  • John Galtius

    I’ve been a chevy guy for years, well, actually all my life. The next truck I buy will be a ford. Chevy is now owned by the Chinese and Obama screwed us all. I want to deal with an American car company, and ford isn’t there, but they are closer than others.

  • John Galtius

    Chinese design.

  • John Galtius

    MAde in China


    Agree with you to some extent, John, and I am a Ford owner, my first pickup and I love it but need a lot more motor, and the GM LS are awesome. Ford actually was in bad financial straits, but had arranged their potential financing far in advance of needing it so they did not have to be bailed out (if I remember correctly). On the GM pickups I will say I HATE the square wheel openings, and have for years. I also completely despise the “look at me” LED baloney, no matter what vehicle it exists on. But it do look like they have cleaned up the front bumper a bit, and the GMC has been showing the BowTies the way to go for a long time on that front…….

  • HeavyC

    What’s up with the led lights? Get rid of them.

  • KCPhil

    While the LED lights are little gimmicky, on the whole, I like the new look. I looked at the half-tons last year and didn’t like the front-end design. So I ended up buying a 2500. It looked more like a real truck to me (and the Duramax was a nice bonus). If this truck had been available, I probably would have been satisfied with the 1500. I do agree with those who dislike the square wheel openings, though.

  • dhectorg

    GM is going a little crazy with the LEDs. I like the look of a few well-placed LEDs, as it dresses up the fascia, but too many of them look gaudy and are also blinding to incoming traffic. I hope this trend ends soon.

  • Handyman

    I’ve owned a lot of Fords in the past ( admittedly never a Dodge ), but in my opinion, Ram’s raw in-your-face design got overdone & overused years ago and Ford front is just a chopped up hodge-podge trying to look tough. The Chevy’s more subtle and well balanced. And enough with the gripes about the LEDs. They’re more visible w/o being blinding, more efficient, much longer lasting and fastwr. LED stop lights reduce rear end collisions by coming on instantly whereas light bulbs have to get hot to come on, wasting needed warning time. Plus, when’s the last time you almost rear ended some knucklehead because his brake lights were burnt out. The idiot probably doesn’t have the brains to ever check to see if any of his lights ever work- probably never checks his oil, coolant or tire pressure either. As the old saying goes, there isn’t any cure for stupid. Samo for LED DRLs as far as not burning out. Typically, most LEDs that do fail do so mechanically from mechanical vibration versus cheapo construction.