2016 Porsche 911 Carrera Details Leaked


Information has leaked out regarding the upcoming 2016 Porsche 911. 

The new 911, which was recently spied testing in Germany with no camouflage, is adopting a new 3.0-liter turbocharged engine across its lineup, save for the track-focused GT models.

According to information from Auto Bild, the new engine will make 370 hp in the base Carrera model, a 20 hp jump from today’s car. In the Carrera S, the engine will be tuned to make 400 hp. Peak torque is pegged at 369 lb-ft at just 1,700 rpm, a rating that is likely the same for both versions of the Carrera.

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This bump in power should help the car jump to 60 mph slightly faster, by about 0.1 seconds, meaning the Carrera will make it in 4.1 seconds while the S model will make the sprint in 3.8. The transmission will continue to be the seven-speed PDK.

Fuel economy is expected to be improved thanks to the new turbo unit under the hood, which will also help to bring the price of the car down, especially in markets where taxes are based on engine displacement like China.

Other changes slated for the 911 include the availability of four-wheel steering, a feature previously reserved for high-end 911s, along with the adoption of a front lift system to make sure the car’s front lip can clear obstacles.

Official details will be revealed when the car makes its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

[Source: Auto Bild]

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  • smartacus

    oh wow, i didn’t know rear-wheel steering will be available.
    -i read that on the 2014 Turbo S; this feature provides a virtual wheelbase shortening of 9.8″ below 31MPH and a virtual wheelbase lengthening of 19.6″ above 50MPH.