2016 Scion tC gets Slight Price Bump


Pricing and changes for the 2016 Scion tC have been announced.

As the Japanese automaker’s top seller, the 2016 Scion tC will receive minor changes that include a new standard audio system, Smart Key with push-button start and a standard rear windshield wiper.

Pricing for the coupe will start from $20,180 including destination when equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, while the six-speed automatic with paddle shifters and Dynamic Rev Management model will be priced at $21,330. That makes it about $200 more expensive than the 2015 model.

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The new standard audio system on the 2016 Scion tC features a seven-inch Pioneer touchscreen with voice recognition, Bluetooth hands-free and streaming audio, along with the Aha app that provides access to 100,000 Internet radio options. Other minor changes to the 2016 Scion tC include silver interior door handles, a new center console tray cover and a leather-wrapped shift knob.

Remaining under the hood of the tC is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 179 hp and 172 lb-ft of torque while returning 23 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway for a 26-mpg combined rating.

The company announced that the 2016 Scion tC will begin arriving U.S. dealerships this August.

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  • Cody Beisel

    I’m glad I sold my tc. For 2000 cdn more you can buy a civic si that blows the doors off the tc in every single category. Nicer interior, more features, more power and better handling.

  • smartacus

    This abhorrently atrocious pile of refuse needs to die.
    The most indefensible car in the fleet.
    23MPG city and 179HP from a 2.5 is just a sick joke.
    You have to be a true enemy of all humanity to actually buy one of these!!

  • Kenneth

    All hail the King of Overstatement: Smarticus the Ignorant!
    -the “sick joke” is your ignorance of a completely-normal power rating for a normally-aspirated 2.5, along with an easily-attainable high-20s mpg in spirited driving (using a reliable port-injection fuel system). The King needs to cut back on the weed.

  • smartacus

    I’m sorry, but you need to be corrected and it’s for your own good.
    Your fantasy is wrong; that power and mpg rating for a normally-aspirated 2.5 is archaic. You bought a tC because you are a she

  • Kenneth

    So, that’s your problem: You’re equating the car you drive with a display of masculinity (which indicates your own lack of masculinity – or, maybe, of being an adult). Someday, you may develop some self-confidence. Or not. Oh, and btw, I’ve never owned a Scion.

  • smartacus

    no liar, that’s YOU equating your car to your small masculinity. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here projecting your shame of it.

    i stated a fact,
    it hurt you so you threw insults at me hoping something will stick
    i calmly and objectively correct you
    You lost a second round which hurt you more so you mistakenly let the cat out of the bag that you are ashamed of your small manhood.