2017 Audi S4, RS4 Could Get Turbo V6

Did the official reveal of the Audi A4 leave you feeling a little cold about the engine options? Maybe that’s because Audi is saving the best choice for later, when the S4 and RS4 are officially announced.

Instead of the supercharged six-cylinder engine that currently powers the S4, the next generation model could sport a new turbocharged V6. German site Auto Zeitung mentions that this 3.0-liter unit could make about out about 350 horsepower, roughly 17 more ponies than the last model. Add this extra power to the fact that the latest A4 dropped about 200 lbs, and the result should be a very fast sport-sedan.

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The publication suggests that the S4 will be revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, in September.

Furthermore, there’s a rumor that next year will see the introduction of a new RS4, which will use a hopped up version of the S4’s turbocharged V6. Expect it to produce close to 500 hp, making it seriously more powerful than the last RS4, that used a naturally aspirated 4.2-liter V8.

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[Source: Auto Zeitung]