Audi R5 Under Consideration as Baby R8

Audi R5 Under Consideration as Baby R8

A baby Audi R8 model is under consideration.

Rumored in the past, it appears that the German automaker is once again mulling over the possibility of adding an Audi R5 to its lineup while moving the next-generation Audi TT downmarket.

The decision will be based on whether the sports car market continues moving towards less expensive products, resulting in the fourth-generation Audi TT stepping down half a notch to make room for more variants and a mid-engine R5 sports car.

With the introduction of the 2016 Audi TT, the company has already previewed numerous variants with a production TTQ crossover expected to debut in late 2016. It is being reported that early development has begun on an entry-level TTC that would seat four, but its fate would depend on which direction Audi takes on the fourth-generation TT due in 2021.

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As for the Audi R5, expect it to be powered exclusively by five-cylinder engines if it comes to fruition. The exact engine is still unknown, although the 2.5-liter TFSI is a strong candidate if a mid-engine version of the MQB platform is in development.

Seen above is the Audi e-tron concept, which was smaller and lighter than the R8 and could be close in theory to what the Audi R5 could be.

[Source: Automobile]

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  • smartacus

    What if they made a smart car competitor?
    A tiny rear-engined city-car based on the A2 offered in 1.2 diesel and rwd only.
    Call it the R2-D2

  • smartacus

    …that felt so lame, my peristalsis just kicked into reverse.

  • garrett

    i think audi and mercedes are always the quickest to react but not create. This story is based on the reaction of audi to the honda/acura news about the patent drawings of a mid engine sports car that could possibly sit under the NSX. and for mercedes all they do now is copy whatever BMW is doing in the crossover segment