Audi RS4 Avant Might Come to US

Audi RS4 Avant Might Come to US

Audi might end up bringing one of its performance wagons to the U.S.

The RS4 Avant could be on its way to America with a new turbocharged V6 engine. “Europe is becoming a less important market, the U.S.A. and China are where we see growth happening,” said Heinz Hollerweger, head of Audi’s Quattro GmbH. “The U.S. is changing, and there is more demand there [for wagons], so maybe that will change,” said Hollerweger, when asked if the RS4 Avant would come to North America.

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He also confirmed that the car will use a new turbocharged six-cylinder engine that will deliver more than the 420 hp made by the car’s current engine, a naturally aspirated V8. The RS4 Avant is expected to join the lineup relatively early in the car’s life cycle, which means it could be in customer’s driveways by sometime late next year.

“The potential in China and the U.S. for RS models is getting us thinking about body styles that may work there—maybe a hatchback, like the RS7,” said Hollerweger, dashing the idea that an RS4 sedan would ever happen. It’s possible that the car will be badged as the RS5 Sportback if it does make the trip to North America.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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