Drivers to Buy Brighter Cars, More Varied Paint Colors: Study

Drivers to Buy Brighter Cars, More Varied Paint Colors: Study

BASF expects that brighter, more varied colors will become prevalent over the next five years.

The company has released its annual trends report and predicted that revitalization of urban environments is inspiring exterior automobile colors in North America. This year’s color trend explores the potential of Real Authentic Ways (RAW) as an “overarching theme emerged from trend findings that society is focused on simplicity, authenticity and optimism for the future,” BASF said in a release.

This year’s focus on color trends also took into account the importance of Baby Boomers, resulting in more playful, neutral colors being included.

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Within North America, BASF outlined five theme colors that automakers may consider for model year 2019 and beyond. Those shades include Perforated, a deep red woven with brilliant golds; Golden Cavalcade, which is a luminous gold that reflects the resurgence of powerful cities like Detroit; Spectator, a brighter silver that exudes the promise of the future; Bucket O’ Blu, a rich blue that reflects a focus on water and Downpour, a strong blue green that’s designed to mimic the look of rain.

“While exploring Detroit, the importance of water in urban environments became a clear focus and contributed to the strong prevalence of blues in this year’s color predictions,” said Paul Czornij, technical manager for the BASF Color Excellence group. “Water is the definition of raw and it has a beautiful, sustaining effect. The saturated and cool color blue is intended to be a soothing balance to today’s hectic pace of life.”

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    Artsy people speak like prophets from the old testament, and I think its a bit too soon to announce the resurgence of Detroit. Cool color idea’s though. Tough to picture without … more pictures.