Cadillac Issues ATS Stop-Sale, Recall Over Sunroof Issues

Cadillac Issues ATS Stop-Sale, Recall Over Sunroof Issues

Cadillac has issued a recall and has halted sales of certain ATS vehicles over an issue with the sunroof. 

Back in February of 2015, Cadillac recalled 67,000 ATS cars worldwide because the sunroof would auto-close when the non-recessed part of the slide or tilt button was pressed. Now, Cadillac is saying that the switch does not provide enough force for it to comply with federal standards.

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The new recall action supercedes the earlier recall and cars that have already been in for the first recall will have to return to the dealer for this new recall action. Cadillac has not yet announced how many units in total will be affected.

Cadillac expects the stop delivery to be lifted within the next few days. To fix the issue, dealers will replace the roof console accessory switch trim plats.

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  • Mike

    More Government Motors junk.

  • David Praedel

    meh…the buying public had already issued a Stop-Sale on the car.

  • darryl

    Not meeting government mandated switch pressure on an auto close sunroof hardly justifies the car being junk. 5 minute fix at the dealer swapping out some plastic trim. I think the real problem is the idiots sticking their heads out of the sunroof.

  • Michael Minnis

    The ATS is an awesome vehicle. I have a 2013 with the Luxury package and I love it. Dealer is doing some warranty work and replacing the trim plate today as a matter of fact