Students Build Fastest Accelerating Electric Vehicle in the World

Students Build Fastest Accelerating Electric Vehicle in the World

There’s now an electric vehicle that can go 0-62 mph in just 1.779 seconds, and it’s not a Tesla.

A team of German students representing GreenTeam Formula has created the fastest accelerating electric vehicle in the world, pending confirmation from the Guinness World Records. With all the buzz surrounding the recently announced Ludicrous Mode that allows the Tesla Model S to go 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, this little guy bests the previous record of 1.785 seconds, albeit by a few ticks. And yes, it’s more go-kart than car considering it weighs a scant 353 lbs, but it proves that electric vehicles don’t have to be boring at all.

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It is powered by a 134-hp electric motor paired to a 6.62-kWh battery pack, but certainly those extra sticky slicks on all four corners helped it blast off off the line, taking advantage of all the instant torque electric motors have to offer. According to GreenTeam, the speed was measured in two consecutive runs in opposite directions and you can check out a video detailing the attempts for the fastest accelerating EV below.

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  • CrazeeCarl

    Yeah…but how far will it go?

  • radioranger

    probably a little father than 1/4 mile but not MUCH farther.

  • Chris Muir

    A Nissan Leaf gets about 80 miles using a 24 Kwh battery pack, this go-cart apparently has just 6.62 Kwh in it’s battery pack. So, figure just over 20 miles under good conditions, considerably less when drag racing.