Ford Shelby GT350 gets Race-Inspired Shift Light

Ford wants to make sure drivers keep their eyes on the road while behind the wheel of the Shelby GT350.

As a result, Ford has introduced the Performance Shift Light Indicator that will be standard on both the Shelby GT350 and GT350R models. The customizable shift light is a heads-up unit that was developed by reimagining existing hardware and provides all the benefits of a shift light while allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the track or road at all times.

Controlled through the driver information center in the gauge cluster, customers can set shift points, light intensity, select from three different modes, or turn the feature off entirely.

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In Tach mode, the amber LEDs will light up sequentially from left to right as the rpms build up. In Track mode, the LEDs will light up from the outside ends to the center until the shift point is reached, then the whole bar flashes. The third option is Drag mode, where the customer sets the shift point and the entire LED light bar stays dark before flashing repeatedly when the engine reaches the preset shift rpm threshold.

Watch a video of the Performance Shift Light Indicator in action below.

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