GM Ignition Switch Death Toll Hits 121

GM Ignition Switch Death Toll Hits 121

The GM ignition switch compensation fund has now approved 121 death claims.

Eight new injury claims were also approved, bringing total approved injury claims to 243, of which 14 are for serious injuries and 237 for less severe injuries.

The fund, which is being run by lawyer Ken Feinberg, is nearly finished its review of incidents that occurred as a result of faulty ignition switches in GM vehicles. Just 76 of the total 4,342 claims that were submitted are still under review, which means the review process should be done by the end of the month. A total of 3,096 claims have been ruled ineligible, including 289 deaths.

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247 compensation offers have been made and 190 have been accepted while six have been rejected. GM is paying at least $1 million in every approved death claim while the company set aside a total of $550 million to pay all of the claims.

The faulty switches allowed the engine to be inadvertently shut off, causing the power steering and airbags to stop functioning. Initially, the brand said that just 13 deaths were related to the recall, which was undertaken nearly a decade after signs of the issue began to emerge. GM may be charged criminally because of the delay, and could face a fine expected to top $1.2 billion.

GM has already paid a $35 million fine to NHTSA and agreed to close scrutiny by the agency, which was just extended to continue through May 2016.

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