Honda’s Baby NSX Could Debut as Early as November


Rumor has it that we could see the Honda baby NSX as early as this year.

Although the Japanese automaker won’t explicitly admit that a baby NSX is in development, recent patent drawings and interviews suggest something is brewing. With similar proportions to the NSX, the smaller model could reportedly bow at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show in November or at the Detroit Auto Show early next year. Motoring reports that the vehicle’s design is “for all intents and purposes, completed” lining up with rumors of the model being approved in mid-2014.

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The push for the baby NSX project stems from North American Honda dealers, which won’t have access to the new Acura NSX when it goes on sale in the U.S. Not surprisingly, U.S. dealerships are pining for a halo sports car to sell.

As for what will power the baby NSX, all that is pure speculation at the moment. Signs point to the Japanese automaker using a 2.0-liter hybrid powertrain combined with the company’s electronic Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system.

[Source: Motoring]

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  • Phil

    can we get a non hybrid manual trany equipped car PLEASE!

  • mas921

    2.0 Liter Honda Sports car….S2000?!

  • Jim Mc Cool

    OK, I will be ready to give it a test drive.

  • Paul Heemskerk

    Thats not right. Acura makes a car and Honda has to have a piece of the action. The whole idea of having Acura is to have a vehicle and or vehicles that are different and more luxurious then Honda. This Baby NSX looks just like The NSX. It will hurt the halo Acura NSX. The Baby NSX should not look like an NSX unless it too is an Acura.

  • Cameron Bell

    In other markets (like Australia) we don’t need Honda to call their halo cars ‘Acura’. They are Honda’s. The NSX is a Honda.

  • Paul Heemskerk

    For you this is true. But marketing is different in America. And we want prestige and that comes with the Acura nameplate. Honda is not Luxury in America. It does not sell that way.

  • nr23

    Tell me about it… 😎

  • Will Huang

    They should but the civic type r 2.0 turbo in it midengine and hybrid it with SH-AWD

  • Will Huang

    Yeah the civic Si and probably the Type R