Honda, Subaru Have the Worst Automaker Websites: Study

Honda, Subaru Have the Worst Automaker Websites: Study

The semi-annual J.D. Power Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study revealed its summer 2015 results, with Honda landing at the very bottom of the list, ranking 769 on a 1,000-point scale.

The study measures the usefulness of automotive manufacturer websites during the new car shopping process by looking at four measures: information/content, appearance, speed and navigation. According to J.D. Power, “Rich imagery paired with concise, informative text and interactive content is becoming the new standard for showcasing and illustrating new-vehicle product features and benefits on OEM websites.”

Two of the most improved brands in the summer results were BMW and Volvo, both of which recently updated their websites with more visuals.

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What’s more telling is that 57 percent of new-vehicle shoppers that were “delighted” with their experience on an automaker’s website said they were more likely to test drive a vehicle after visiting the website, opposed to just 13 percent of those that were “disappointed” after visiting the site.

Ranking at the top of the list are BMW and Porsche, tied with a score of 830. Rounding out the top five are Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Land Rover – all luxury brands. At the bottom of the list, sitting just above Honda and Subaru, were Chevrolet, Buick and Scion.

“Buying a new vehicle is a big investment and shoppers want to be sure they are making an informed decision in selecting the right vehicle,” said Arianne Walker, senior director, automotive media and marketing solutions at J.D. Power. “Manufacturers can influence shoppers by creating an emotionally connected online shopping experience through compelling, visually appealing storytelling to engage, entice, and reassure shoppers that they are making the right decision.”

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