Jeep Cherokee Won’t Lose its Styling in Refresh


The Jeep Cherokee’s controversial styling is here to stay.

Speaking to Automotive News, Jeep boss Mike Manley confirmed that the popular SUV’s shape and styling will remain when the model undergoes a refresh in mid-2016. Forgoing the traditional boxy shape that had become a trademark of the Cherokee in the past, Jeep introduced a significantly overhauled model in late 2013 with a polarizing design. Despite all the negative comments on the crossover’s style, it is still Jeep’s top-selling SUV in the U.S. and sales are up 31 percent compared to the same period last year.

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Since its release, the model has been troubled by issues with its transmission, and currently the American automaker is conducting a customer satisfaction campaign to reset the transmission software on early Cherokees, hoping to improve the nine-speed automatic’s operations.

“I think the overall styling, the overall shape, the overall accommodation of that vehicle is spot on,” Jeep’s Mike Manley said. “I don’t think that there’s anything that dramatically needs to change with that vehicle going forward.”

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • mogul264

    My ’96 Cherokee Sport seems to be ‘bullet-proof’, in that it keeps running and running and running! 175000 miles, so far; have replaced only A/C clutch, radiator, and right front fender/light stack (MY fault!). Thrives upon neglect! Hope these newer models have some of the same reliability as mine!

  • Bionic Merlin

    It could use a SRT model 🙂

  • Zundfolge

    With all due respect to the purists (and as one who drives a Kaiser era CJ5 I probably fit in that category myself) but I think the “controversial” Cherokee styling is pretty doggone bitchin’. I’d be sad to see it as just a stripped down version of the Grand Cherokee and I happen to like the little slit headlights.

  • Craig Forrest

    Ugly as a snout-nosed Subaru.
    What would have been wrong with taking the old Cherokee body and updating it like Chevy did with the ’69 Camaro? The new-style Cherokee will NEVER sell in the numbers the old one did! I realize opinions vary but really folks, check out production numbers. I worked for a Jeep dealer in the 1980’s and we could never get enough product to meet demand.

  • lexluther

    those are not the headlights

  • lexluther

    i have 318k on my 96

  • mogul264

    Glad you have finally gotten it broken in! Many happy returns!

  • Caddo65

    I own one of the first Cherokee Trailhawks produced and I’ve had no “Customer Satisfaction Campaign” nor any offer to “reset my transmission”. After the transmission recall a few months ago mine stopped downshifting into 2nd gear. When I brought it in for service they actually CHARGED ME to apply the software update to restore 2nd gear.