Koenigsegg Could Make ‘Normal’ Cars

Koenigsegg builds some of the fastest cars on the planet, but it may not stay that way. 

“Within our company there could be room to start utilising all the technological developments we have created, and trickle them down into more normal cars,” Christian von Koenigsegg, the company’s founder and CEO told Car Throttle. 

If some kind of commuter car does end up coming from the Swedish brand, don’t expect it to wear the same badge as its hypercars. “I think the brand Koenigsegg should stay in this rarified area and make these extreme machines and keep on pushing the limit,” said Koenigsegg, going on to say that a sub-brand specifically to sell regular cars would be the answer.

This sub-brand would be a collaboration with another brand according to Koenigsegg.

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Lessons learned from building incredible supercars will help the brand if they do decide to build something more pedestrian. “I think where the biggest opportunity is is in still developing the combustion engine, but also getting the batteries much lighter, more efficient and more powerful,” said Koenigsegg.

The brand recently launched the Regera, a hybrid hypercar that uses a unique direct drive transmission rather than a traditional gearbox. Development of the Regera has no doubt taught Koenigsegg some lessons about hybrid technology that could translate into better batteries for hybrid cars.

[Source: Car Throttle]

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